I am a piper in Southeastern Wisconsin, and am
available for any occasion when Bagpipes are

I have been playing since 2003. I had started out
playing with a band in the Milwaukee area, but then
with a good friend I met through the band, Tamara
Simonson,  decided to go out on our own to play for
weddings and other events which we enjoyed doing
a lot more.  With Tamara, we became the
Mi-T-Pipers, which is derived from our two names.  I
want to thank Tamara for the many wonderful times
we had playing together.

I am now on my own.  I've played at weddings,
funerals and memorial services, picnics, parties, and
even parades with others that I had met through the
band I had previously played with.

I work part time at Panera Bread, after retiring from
my previous job, since 2006.   In addition to piping, I
also enjoy cycling, running, and traveling with my
wife Kitty.  I always take my pipes along when I
travel, and have played them in some pretty special
places, like at the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln
Memorial, as well as in Puerto Vallerta, Cancun and
Aruba.  Oh, and of course, in Ireland.  It's always fun
playing in places where people don't expect to run
into a piper and I always get wonderful reactions
when someone hears or sees me.
about Mike